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EUNORAU Cushioned Rear Bike Seat for G20 G30 Max Cargo Quick-Fasten/Release Accessory Black



Size: 11" X 5.90" X 1.6" (28 X 15 X 4.2cm)

Color: Black

Compatible: G20-Cargo, G30-Cargo, Max-Cargo

Age Range: Child, Teenager, Young Adult (*Adult needs bike seat x 2)

Feature:  Comfortable, Padded, Quick-Fasten/Release


  • Designed for rear long-tail racks such as the G20 , G30 and Max- Cargo.
  • This seat is padded with stero foam— making it extremely comfortable.
  • It’s adjustable quick-fastening / release buckle feature makes it convenient to convert into a family e-bike wagon, or used as a normal cycle seat.

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